Natural Hair Project Part 1


Uncle Hugh or HRM, told us that he stopped accepting to take selfies, with young black women with European wigs or hair fittings. He felt it was unbecoming of us as a race. An insult to our ancestors and their struggle for our emancipation. Love the hair you were born with.  IMG_2622

This phenomenon is largely urban and middle-class. Most of our peeps still can’t afford wigs. Women say its a question of practicality not politics, but, what did our ancestors do. Why has natural black hair become so hard to “carry”. What does it say… Cosmopolitan, Chic, Classy, Cissy, Clueless… This are all open questions, I’m not positing, Just asking..


Have Brazilian/Peruvian/Indian wigs become the bluest eye, the symbol of what it means to “be settled” to “have arrived”.


Since this euro hair craze is fairly recent, what existed before.


IMG_2587There has been a resurge in Naturally texturized Hair. Natural Hair, Kinky Hair, ‘fro’s and afro’s, puff didi’s and afro-puffs, dreadlocks..



I love natural hair do’s. Big ‘fro’s, unwieldly, smart and shapely, small ‘fro’s, rough and tough. Afro’s are the iconic imagery of our cultural emancipation as a race.  It says it loud, .. black and I’m proud..

IMG_2415  Natural Hair Project-Rooftop 1






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