Natural Hair Project Part II

Wetin Shenshema mean o, I go tell you o, I go tell you O…



You be motor them start you, you no dey start, them dey push you all over Lagos, you be Shenshema..

Shenshema O, Sheshema

Sheshema O, Shenshema

IMG_8065 IMG_8067

You be woman you get 39 men, because 36 is not enough, you be Shenshema..


You be man get 93 women, you say you no fit get 99, you be Shenshema, Sheshema O Shen she ma..

You be black man you no dey think like black man, you dey do like white man everyday, you be Shenshema… Chorus

IMG_8199 IMG_8211

You be woman, you dey bleach yourself everyday, you forget say you be black woman, you be Shenshema… Chorus

You be Woman, you dey use ¬†wig everyday, you forget say you get black hair for head…. you be Shenshema… Chorus

IMG_8235 IMG_8236

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