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The evolution of freedom- 1990s-21st Century

I was looking at these stamps in my collection when I had an idea. If only I could use the designs (Freedoms from Want, Freedom from Hunger, Freedom of Worship, Freedom of Speech) for the APC candidate it would achieve several wins:


1) It would show the army ex-general Muhammed Buhari to be aligned with democratic ideals
2) It would explicitly display a politics of ideas from his party, the APC
3) It would portray the candidate espousing Nigeria’s historical legacy


I went to the APC campaign office with a proposal, after several opportune meetings, I got a contract to produce and supply 10,000 t-shirts. None from my original concepts. They liked them, but already had a programme so I was asked to do something for an event they had coming up.


Writing about Angela Davis, Robin D. G. Kelley said; ” For Davis, freedom is not a thing granted by the state in the form of law or proclamation or policy; freedom is struggled for, it is hard-fought and transformative, it is a participatory process that demands new ways of thinking and being.

Freedom is wrought from the fangs of oppression. Fela, articulated this in his special way;

Human rights na my property
So therefore, you can’t dash me my property
Human rights na my property
Dey want dash us human rights

(C) Beasts of No Nation by Fela Anikulapo-Kuti

These rights are inalienable, sacred and belong to every human being, regardless of race, class or social condition. A government can guarantee human rights to its people and nurture an environment where these rights are respected and observed. These beautiful stamps were issued in 1963, 3 years after independence, freedom was a clearer concept then. Now more than 50 years after, things are less clear. But these rights still remain to be fought for, even today.